BUY // Frank Gehry Loves Fish
Jarrett Moran

The renowned architect Frank Gehry is obsessed with fish. He has made fish sculptures, fish furniture, and fish jewelry. His buildings—the Guggenheim Bilbao or Walt Disney Concert Hall in Los Angeles, for example—glint like fish scales in motion. This month Gehry returns to his series of fish-inspired lamps with a new show at the Gagosian galleries in Los Angeles and Paris. (Gagosian exhibited Gehry’s first Fish Lamps back in 1984.)

In the 70s and 80s, Gehry saw postmodern architects become obsessed with quoting historical architecture, mixing Greek and Roman with Art Deco and Modern. Gehry instead started paying homage to fish. As he told PBS, “Y’know, Greek temples are anthropomorphic. And three hundred million years before man was fish. If you gotta go back, if you’re insecure about going forward, dammit, go back three hundred million years. Why are you stopping at the Greeks?”

Frank Gehry’s Fish Lamps are available from Gagosian Gallery. The lamps will be on view at Gagosian Beverly Hills from January 11 through February 14 and at Gagosian Paris from January 24 through March 9.