An Artist Reinterprets the Broadway Musical Audition
Tiffany Jow

The cut-throat Broadway audition and rehearsal process is something that’s long been an object of curiosity, making way for A Chorus Line, Smash, MTV’s search for the next Elle Woods, et al. Video artist Kara Hearn decided to quench her fascination with the system in her new work, Unnamed Broadway Musical: The Musical!, the latest in The Elizabeth Foundation for the Arts Project Space’s Artist/Organizer Series.

Beginning April 14, Hearn will launch a five-week-long live performance in which she’ll hold a casting call for an “unnamed orphan-themed musical” that culminates with a real opening night performance. Director Sarah Cameron Sunde, choreographer Pia Monique Murray, and composer Christopher Berg will aid in creating the production, which will never actually be on Broadway but gives the effect of the real thing. The whole process will be captured in a video documenting the ordeal from audition to performance in a screening this July.

All auditions and rehearsals are open to the public to watch or take part in, and the only requirement to try out is having some kind of personal connection with an orphan-themed musical (like an unrealized childhood dream of starring in a play). Candidates will be cast based more on their willingness to participate than on theatrical ability, since Hearn is interested in recording her cast members’ experience above all else. She also wants to shine light on the copyright issues that arise during cross-disciplinary creative work through associated lectures and discussions. Bottom line: for all you wannabe thespians out there, this is your chance.