BUY // Inutile Utility Knives // James Huang
Jarrett Moran

Think you look resourceful and outdoorsy with your Swiss Army Knife? What if it was made out of felt? What if it was called “the Manager”? As part of his exhibition The Gospel of Skills, a celebration of arduously handcrafted sculpture, James Huang has produced a series of utility knives in plaster, plexiglass, wood, felt, and metal with names like Executive, Hunter, and Manager.

The show inaugurates Auxiliary Projects, a gallery in Bushwick, Brooklyn founded by artists Jennifer Dalton and Jennifer McCoy. Its idiosyncratic exhibition model plays into the art world’s growing enthusiasm for editions and multiples: each month, the gallery works with an artist to create a series of hand-made, affordable multiples to exhibit alongside larger work.

The knives are available for $175 to $275 from Auxiliary Projects—more info here. James Huang’s The Gospel of Skills is open through December 16.