KNOW / / The Painted Man // Liu Bolin
Sola Agustsson

Chameleon Liu Bolin seeks invisibility, painting his entire body to match his background. Whether the landscape is the murky-looking Yellow River, a shelf full of toy pandas, or a 9/11 memorial wall, Bolin is unafraid and hard to spot. Blending seamlessly into the backdrop takes some effort. For each photo shoot he must stand still for hours while a team of assistants paint him from head to toe. Ironically, the ability to disappear has made the Chinese artist world famous.

His Hiding in the City series reflects on the lack of protection for artists in China, as well as other social issues. By painting himself into the space he is commenting on, he is able to better absorb and comprehend it. He currently lives and works in China and shows at Eli Klein Fine Art in New York.