BUY // Eat Off of Sexualized Celebrities // Andrea Mary Marshall
Elizabeth Fiedorek

Eating—and by association, silverware—has borne innuendo since St. Thomas Aquinas warned against the aphrodisiac properties of meat. In a series of painted spoons and knives, Andrea Mary Marshall depicts the lips and vaginas of luminaries including Kim Kardashian, Marilyn Monroe, Tina Turner, Shirley Temple, and Madonna. These celebrities, the icons of temptation and desire, are depicted not as full humans but instead through body parts they likely use (or used) during sex. Both a reminder to savor the moment and a challenge to the hierarchy of seduction, Marshall’s work makes the connotation between libido and ingestion literal while alluding to a culture of celebrity-chaperoned lust.

Andrea Mary Marshall’s Lip Service dinner series is available at GREY AREA, where the spoons sell as a set for $6,500 and the Marilyn knives sell individually at $850.