Museum Nerd Roundup: Art "Babel" Growing and Growing

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Art Babel keeps growing and growing. Taller and taller. I’ve long been a fan of for their great aggregated art video content. I congratulate them on picking up the Tang Museum (Skidmore College’s museum in Saratoga Springs, NY) and Museo del Prado (Madrid’s home of Las Meninas). As their range of contributing museums grows internationally, their aspirations parallel (not really) those of the builders of the Biblical Tower of Babel. Contrary to popular belief, the word “babble” is not traceable to the biblical Babel, whose destruction supposedly resulted in the creation of the planet’s many languages.

More of this week’s highlights and museology:

  • The “Orientalist” painting galleries at the Met, dominated by Gérôme, have a new name
  • This may be my favorite period room at the Met. Gorgeous. From 1707 in Damascus, Syria.
  • The Hispanic Society is really is one of the best museums in NYC. So glad to see them in the twittersphere.
  • I’m obsessed with Man Bartlett’s Occupy Wall Street-inspired $ project, which publicly records all his expenditures and income at @OccupyMan.